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Civil Searches and Filing Services
Corporate and Registered Agent Services
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Criminal Background Check/Legal

Civil Searches and Filing Services

bSearch Company International (SCI) is a recognized leader in providing accurate and timely information for all your search and filing needs. Whether it’s a single or multi-state project, we can provide a fast turnaround time and accurate results. We have a national network of fast, reliable research professionals and we are directly connected to the Colorado Secretary of State and have the most extensive on-site image library of filings.

Search Company International's offices are only two blocks from the Secretary of State, US District Court, US Bankruptcy Court and many local Denver jurisdictions, so we can accommodated many rushes and emergencies.

We offer exceptional service through our highly trained, experienced staff who will give you the highest level of customer service you will find anywhere in the industry

Civil Services


UCC Searches
UCC Filing
Federal and State Tax Lien Searches
DMV Searches
Department of Insurance Retrievals



Federal and State tax Lien Searches
Fixture, Mechanic, Mineral, and Timber Lien Searches
Other Miscellaneous County Liens
Judgments, Lawsuits Searches and Retrievals
Real Estate Records
Marriage Records
Divorce Records

Corporate and Registered Agent Services

cSearch Company International (SCI) offers a comprehensive range of corporate services on a local and national level. From basic document retrievals and filings to registered agent services and multi-state search projects our Corporate Services Representatives will work directly with you.

Corporate Services (all types of company formats, - Inc., LLC, LLP, etc.)

Filing of Domestic or Foreign:
Incorporation/ Formation, Amendments, Withdrawal, Mergers, Dissolutions, Name Availability and Reservation, Trade Name,
Certified & Plain Copy Retrieval
Good Standing/Status/Existence Reports
Periodic Report (State Mandated Annual Corporate Updates)

Search Company International (SCI) offers a professional Registered Agent service in all 50 States through our affiliation with National Registered Agents Inc. (NRAI). Corporate laws in every state require a Registered Agent and a registered office. Primary duties of a Registered Agent include providing a registered office address, receiving Service of Process, forwarding any tax notices and state reports, and acting as a main mailing contact with the Secretary of State and other regulatory agencies. Due to the potentially awkward situation of being served on the business premises or the documents falling into uninformed hands, most businesses choose the services of a Professional Registered Agent.

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Real Estate Search

aCurrent Owner Search
A Current Owner Search is a search of all public land records affecting a property that is located in the county where the property is located. Current Owner Searches are performed from the date the current owner took title to the property forward.

The current information is included in our report:

Current owner(s)
Current deed information
Legal Description
Assessment/Tax status
Parcel ID Number, address of record
Mortgage and assignment recording information
Misc. liens related to owner and property

We also do recording and Other Real Estate Document retrievals at the county level.

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Criminal Background Check/Legal

Search Company International (SCI) specializes in local and national pre-employment background screening. We offer cutting edge technology to ensure that our clients receive the most accurate and timely information about prospective employees.

An employee background investigation is one of the most cost-effective tools to combat workplace violence, increase asset protection, tighten security, and avoid costly hiring mistakes. Since past behavior and performance are the best indicators of future behavior and performance, background investigations can help lower your liability and reduce exposure to losses.

Billions of dollars are lost by business annually due to theft, turnover, training costs, fraudulent insurance claims, drug and alcohol abuse, and negligent hiring lawsuits.

In recent years, health care providers paid out over $100,000,000 in damages to victims of employees with prior criminal records.

Theft in the workplace costs employers in excess of 21 billion dollars annually and is the direct result in the failure of 30% of small business. This figure is increasing by 15% per year.

The Average employee embezzlement exceeds $125,000.

A bad hire that leaves a company within 6 months can cost a company approximately $40,000 in severance pay, advertising, interviewing, training costs and loss productivity.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 37% of applicants falsify their application.

Nearly every state has a negligent hiring statue that recognizes an employer is responsible for checking the background and references of a job applicant and can be held financially and criminally liable for the actions of an employee. Hiring right the first time is your company’s first and best defense against business abuse and potential disaster. It is well accepted that proper pre-employment background screening is invaluable in combating loss. Yet most companies do not have the personnel, resources or skills necessary to accomplish this task.

We can help your company make informed hiring decisions quickly and confidently by offering these services:

Criminal Background Records Search
As an employer you want to provide a safe work environment and help protect against internal fraud. A criminal court record is used to identify those applicants with violent or dishonest histories.

Motor Vehicle Records
Protect yourself by obtaining a driving record for applicant required to operate a motor vehicle for business purposes. This report can also be used regularly to update your files for an existing employee.

Social Security Number Check
Verifies that the applicant is truly whom they say they are. This will authenticate that the applicant is providing the correct information.

Education Verification
Direct verification of applicant’s institution, dates of attendance degree or certificate.

Employment Verification
Validate applicant’s dates of employment, position, salary, reason for termination and if they would be eligible for re-hire.

Professional License Verification
Verification at the state licensing board for a specific license or certification, dates, etc.

Workers Compensation Check
Check to see if any claims have been filed by the applicant

Why should you want to pre-screen,- Job applicants don’t always tell the truth!

37% of job seekers overstate job titles, responsibilities or degrees
25% of all resumes contain at least one major fabrication
11% of job applicants misrepresent the reasons for leaving their jobs due to conceal the fact they were fired.
10% of job applicants lie about their criminal records.

Pre-Employment Background Screening is an effective risk management tool used to save turnover costs and reduce employer liability

Call Search Company International today at 303-863-1800 – the Premier Search Company in Colorado!

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