The Launch of Our Website Isn’t the Only Thing New

October 17th, 2018

Welcome to the new Search Company International website. You wouldn’t have known it, but for the past 10 months, we’ve been busy behind the scenes rethinking our brand, our website, and how we can continue to serve you better.

After lots of brainstorming, testing, learning, and revising, we are proud to launch what we think is a better representation of the products and services we’re proud to provide our valued customers.

It also reflects our continued evolution as a company. Just as technology and the information we share has changed, Search Company International has continued to adapt and improve the way we do business to ensure we provide you with the best service in the industry.

First, we have a brand new logo! The colors of blue and yellow evoke a sense of trust, security, optimism, and positivity. Just like a spotlight, we’ll help guide the way navigating various organizations and processes associated with the search and retrieval of public records.

Next, we did a massive overhaul of our website. We are obsessed with our customers and want to ensure your experience is exceptional every time you do business with us. That often begins with our website. We’ve made it easier to see the services we provide and the types of companies we serve. You can also contact us more quickly to get your searches started sooner.

We’ve also created an extensive FAQ section and added a Resources library, so you haveall the information you need in one centralized location. We want this website to be the first place you turn to when you have questions about search and retrieval services, especially in Colorado.

Finally, we’ve added an entirely new industry to our portfolio of customers — Charitables. We help manage all the processes associated with setting up and maintaining charitable organizations. Certain regulations are changing, make sure you’re prepared. Contact us today to learn more.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to you, our valued customer. Search Company International is committed to providing you with the absolute best service and the most competitive prices. This has always been our promise to you and still is. We are here for one purpose — to help your business grow and succeed.

Let’s get to work!